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In our Indian culture, the teacher (Guru) is a symbol of God because a teacher is a person who inspires and elevates the consciousness of the student. As it is written in our “Granth’s” that to find God you need a good teacher who can lead you to the right path. Although television and other social media platform give us a lot of information they cannot lead us toward proper knowledge and the real essence of yoga. Our teachers are extremely knowledgeable and qualified and can transfer this transmission into the students' lives with compassion, love, and continuous support.

The strength and reputation of our school lie in the power and quality of our teachers. We (AtharvYogshala) have a passionate, honest, and humble teaching team with us that are ready to spread and share the knowledge and the ancient wisdom of yoga to make you a better knowledgeable yogi.


Swami Yogrtna

Yognidra, Yoga Philosophy, Swan Meditation.

Swami Yogrtna Saraswati was trained as a sannyasin disciple of the Bihar School of Yoga (BSY), which was founded by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, a direct disciple of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh. She has also been initiated by Swami Niranjanananda, the present guru.

Swami Yogrtna was born in Paris of Australian parents and raised in India. She went to school in Bombay, and went on to study art, education, and linguistics in Australia. After studying, working, and travelling, Swami Yogrtna committed her life to the spiritual quest. She joined the Bangalore branch of Bihar School of Yoga, Atma Darshan Yogashram, in 1984, and took sannyasa diksha the following year.

She received complete training in all forms of the Satyananda Bihar tradition of yoga, meditation, yoga therapy, and Indian spirituality.

She served as a sannyasin sevak (voluntary service) in the ashram for over 20 years by assisting in the running of the ashram from top to bottom, giving therapy and spiritual counseling, and running classes for all manner of people and institutions. She conducted Yoga Teacher Training courses, edited the ashram spiritual magazine: ‘Atmabha’, and established a reforestation project ELA.

In 1997, she went to the mother ashram in Munger, which is the world’s first Yoga University: Bihar Yoga Bharati. In 2004 she returned to Atma Darshan Yogashram in Bangalore and soon after received her Guru’s Blessings to ‘be free as a sannyasin’, independent of the ashram.

Since then, Sw. Yogrtna has given yoga programs all over South India and overseas. She spent several years developing specialized centers and departments focused on fusing yogic knowledge with naturopathy, Ayurveda, and humanitarian work.

Sw. Yogrtna’s aim is to help people relieve their suffering and develop themselves through the awareness and the science of Yoga. She offers individual and group classes and guidance at the Shankar Prasad Ashram, and she travels wherever requested for special programs.

She is particularly appreciated for her talent in leading Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep) and other Meditations from the tantras, yoga therapy, yoga for children, the higher techniques of Chakra Sadhana, Kundalini yoga and many others, including satsangs (talks) and kirtan (group singing).


Kuldeep Bisht Ji

Hatha Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yinyasa, Anatomy

Kuldeep Bisht started his journey at a young age an unknown sense of karma yoga was within him from his schooling days; coming from a nuclear family Kuldeep is the elder child for which he had great responsibilities on him. after completing his schooling when everyone of his friends was moving to earn money and getting good jobs he was curious about spirituality and purpose of life, so he traveled towards the Himalayas and after visiting many temples, places and communicating with Gurus he moved towards the south and started his yogi journey. He studies Yoga Philosophy, Hatha Vinyasa Flow, Chair Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Pranayama and completed 500 YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training) in an Ashrama in Kerala under the highly qualified Acharya. After getting a deep knowledge and core yoga practice.

He started teaching others. He believes yoga can be understood only if one is ready to accept the disciplinary rules and regulations. How to leave balanced life with yoga, he has been training people from all over the world in 200 & 300 Hours TTC in different yoga schools in India and Nepal for the last couple of years. His goal is to spread awareness, show the spiritual aspect and life-changing power of yoga in balancing life, and find simplicity in human beings to live life in peace.

Neha Racca Ji

Hatha Yoga

Meet Ms. Neha Racca, if you haven’t already. Neha’s passion for yoga began in school as an extension to gymnastics. She started her Yoga learning through B K S Iyengar style, Hatha yoga at the age of 8. Focusing only on the Asanas part she mastered and won several yoga awards consecutively for several years. Gold medalist in International yoga competitions across India. BSc in computer science but Yoga was imbibed in her since her childhood so finally was pulled back to continue the journey and did a TV show for DD Sports named SAHAJ SWASTHYA for 2 years . She then went on to complete her diploma and then MSc in Yoga from SVYASA, Bangalore in 2005. Her services in the therapeutic yoga in treating various ailments n psychosomatic disorders started with Arogyadhama in Bangalore and since then she is taking therapy classes too. She Completed certificate course in advanced Pranic Healing & Pranic Psychotherapy from All India Yoga Vidhya Pranic Healing Foundation Trust, Pune, 2006.

Also a Certified Hypno Therapist and NLP Coach with a diploma holder In Professional Psychotherapy, which in turn she uses in her counselling sessions for all sorts of stress related troubles people face in this life and thus Neha has bought out the Happiness quotient in her sessions and takes Motivational and Life Coaching workshops too. So with Neha you can be assured that you will experience a complete yogic energy flow through her pranayama, asanas with various relaxation techniques. A complete holistic approach towards a healthy living. Come experience the journey of yoga with Neha and have a BETTER WAY OF LIFE.


Isabel Jeworski

Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Coach

Isabel is a certified Yoga, Breath-Work and Meditation Teacher (500 YTT Yoga Alliance). Monkeymindretreats is her idea to bring the concept of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and intentional living to people all over the world. She is passionate about traditional practices and wants to make them accessible for everyone.
Influenced by her teachers, peers, environment and travels she is bringing a unique sense of empowerment to each of her classes. Through the combination of asana practice , pranayama, meditation and mindfulness Isabel has her students leave each class and retreat feeling refreshed, grounded and renewed.


Anjali Bisht Ji

Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yoga Alignment

Anjali has been Practicing yoga for 6 Years. She has studied Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yoga Alignment. She is a native of the Greater Himalayas, with a Master’s degree in Yoga from the Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar (India), and 200YTTC from Yoga Alliance (USA), under her Guru Ji’s guidance. Anjali first came to yoga for the physical benefits hoping to lose weight and become fitter. As her body became stronger and healthier, she soon discovered that her yoga mat was a place to find a sense of contentment, self-awareness, and the mind-body connection. When Anjali decided to enroll in the Master in Yoga, she only hoped to deepen her own practice, however, the more she learned and grew as a yogi, the more her intention turned to teach and share the practice she loves with others.

As a teacher, She tries to offer her students the opportunity to take the yoga path in their own way at their own pace, to modify when needed, and to honor how they feel at all times.
Anjali finds immense joy, satisfaction, and inspiration in seeing students discover their own yoga journey and hopes to nurture and encourage them.


Kavitha Ji

Pranayama & Meditation

Being born in a spiritually well-established family in Karnataka, Kavitha's up bring happened with all the values and teaching of Basavanna (one of the greatest saints in 12th-century). She spent her early days in her hometown in Karnataka. Because the environment at home was well suited for spiritual studies she easily got into the path of spirituality at a younger age.
It was the year 2006 when her actual and intense journey in the path of spirituality started. She first practiced pranayama under the guidance of Sri Ganeswer Avadhut in Srisailam's forest. Then her journey leads her to one more great master Swami Veda Bharthi who is the disciple of Swami Rama. She mastered the art of meditation and philosophy in Swami Rama Sadak Gram under the careful guidance of Swami Veda Bharthi.

Then she started serving in an ashram where she took charge to spread her knowledge to common people in Karnataka and she was very successful in spreading the teaching of her master to more than 42 villages. She was able to influence common people's lives by sharing knowledge. In 2015, she moved to Rishikesh and started the journey in yoga under Highly qualified yogis.


Abhishek Rawat

Ashtanga Vinyasa, Alignment Adjustment

Abhishek Rawat was born and bought up in the World's Yoga Capital, Rishikesh. Abhishek was inclined towards Yoga from Childhood. Abhishek received a Master's Degree in Yoga Science from Sanskrit Gurukul Vishvidyalaya, in Haridwar, India. He has completed 500 hours of teacher training, studied with various great Indian teachers, and attended intensive Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga courses in Rishikesh.
He is an experienced Ashtanga yoga teacher who believes in spreading this art of wellness to eradicate the disease naturally. He is a true believer in the power of yogic practice and meditation but always likes to remind his students that The power is not in Yoga itself, the true power is already within you. Yoga is just the key to unlocking this treasure.
His vision is to spread the learning he has earned from his teachers and help them live meaningful lives.


Vikash Bisht

Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha flow, Alignment Adjustment, Mantra Chanting

Vikas Singh was born and brought up in world capital Rishikesh Uttarakhand. Vikas was inclined towards yoga from childhood. Vikas received a yoga scholarship from ved Niketan dham in Ram jhula next to the Parmar Niketan.

He has completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training ( program by yoga alliance)Studied with various great Indian teachers, and attain intensive astanga and Iyengar yoga course in Rishikesh.
He is experienced ashtanga yoga teacher who believes in spreading these art of wellness to eradicated the disease naturally and smoothly way.

He has a true believer in the power of yogic practice and meditations but always likes to remind his students that. The power is not in yoga itself the true power is already within. Yoga is just a key to unlocking this teasers. His vision is to spread the learning has learn from his teacher and help them live meaningful lives.

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